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Cloud Hosted PBX vs. Premise-Based PBX
The comparison between Cloud Hosted PBX services and premise-based PBX services can be separated into three categories: Installation, Maintenance and Configuration Management.


OneVision Cloud Hosted solutions are less likely to have post-installation problems because our pre-installation reviews are conducted by experts. Simply through a lack of experience, errors can be made in the course of a company's self-appraisal process. Further, Cloud Hosted solutions require fewer customer premise elements. The combination of expert reviews and less complex equipment installation can mean smoother transitions and decreases the need for trouble-shooting.

Because there is less need for customer participation in a Cloud Hosted solution, OneVision can provide a project time-frame with a good degree of accuracy. This benefits our customers by removing uncertainty in the deployment schedule.

OneVision Cloud Hosted services can be deployed on a line-by-line basis, which means that they are easily expandable. They allow for flexibility during the transition from premise-based equipment to a hosted service because they can co-exist with previously existing premise equipment. This means that an enterprise doesn't need to transition all of its equipment at the same time, which would usually be the case with a premise-based PBX. In this way, hosted transitions can be scheduled and implemented to best fit an enterprise's schedule.

In a Cloud Hosted solution, initial capital expenditures are lower because the amount of customer-premise equipment is reduced. Overall, the installation/implementation costs for OneVision Cloud Hosted solutions are always lower than for premise based solutions.

With a Cloud Hosted solution, any problems that do occur can be fixed more quickly because of the centralized nature of the service. Premise-based solutions often require a truck-roll (on-site visit) to the premise, a requirement that introduces a period of delay in any trouble-shooting endeavor. Cloud Hosted solutions circumvent this delay and can reduce down-time from a potential four hour minimum (which is often the case in a “truck-roll” scenario), to a few minutes. Further, OneVision Cloud Hosted are monitored 24 x 7. To get that same level of service in a premise-based solution can require a higher (and therefore more expensive) service level agreement.

Most maintenance contracts for hosted voip solutions are based around per user fees. This contrasts with premise-based solutions, which often charge “per-active-port” fees. In the hosted situation, a customer only pays for what they use; in the premise-based solution, a customer pays for everything that they could use. The latter situation opens the door for increased costs.

Hardware and software upgrades can be managed more easily than a premise-based solution. OneVision maintains Data Center relationships with some of the largest peering infrastructure providers in the world.

With a OneVision Cloud hosted solution, operational expenditures are made more predictable, which in turn aids in planning cash flow. With premise-based solutions, operational expenditures while usually lower, can also spike un predictably when issues occur.

Configuration Management
Most network configuration errors are caused by human error. In the OneVision Cloud Hosted environment the likelihood of problems arising due to change is by our experienced change management procedures.

A customer doesn't have to worry about managing growth, because OneVision does that. Both increasing and decreasing capacity become a simple matter of contracts with a OneVision, rather than buying or selling premise-based equipment. This flexibility can make a hosted solution more attractive to a customer. 

Cloud Hosted solutions allow businesses to concentrate on the areas of their business that they do well, rather than having to expend resources on an area that someone else could do better.

What Can a Cloud Hosted Voip system do for my Business?

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